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MAN Engine Range for Yachts and Pleasure Craft

For yachts and pleasure craft in the classes from 40 to 80 feet, MAN offers powerful and compact high-speed diesel drives from 537 kW to 1,324 kW (730 HP to 1,800 HP). All MAN engines excel through their high power development even in the low speed range - with an extremely low fuel consumption. The advantages of V-engines in the power range from 662 kW to 1,324 kW (900 HP to 1,800 HP) lie primarily in their outstanding power efficiency and compactness. The engines are delivered ready for installation, and are designed for optimum performance in the various conditions of deployment and operation.

After installation. MAN offers to examine and pass off the engine and to carry out extensive commissioning. The boat owner receives an additional guarantee with the Gold Standard Certificate on acceptance of the engine. All engines comply with the internationally applicable exhaust-gas regulations.

High power development even in the low speed range

With our engines you experience the breath-taking excitement of acceleration and can count on comfortable and luxurious cruising speeds. Full power is developed even in the low speed range. As dynamic high-performance products, MAN engines impress with a high pulling power that brings you dependably comfortably to your destination.

High performance in a compact design

There is no space to waste on board. The compact design of our engines gives you more room to enjoy life. In addition, their low power/weight ratio assists you in optimally planning the loading for your yacht. Our mission is to optimally unite a slimline design with full power. Neutralization of these contradictions in the design of our engines makes MAN Engines the premium partner for the yacht segment.

Economical in consumption

Pleasure to be enjoyed: Our engines combine the supreme performance of acceleration and speed with the most economic fuel consumption in their class. This is how MAN sustainably contributes to protection of the environment. And the total costs of yacht maintenance drop appreciably. Of course a MAN engine fulfills all applicable exhaust-gas standards worldwide – for travel adventure without frontiers.

The dependable propulsive power

A MAN engine never lets anyone down: In the harbor and on the open sea. Engine start – full speed ahead. It reliably proves its operational power in all weathers. And because every piece of jewelry would like to be well-kept, there is a worldwide dense service network – everywhere where you also feel good.

Clean and quiet

This engine has style, and especially through its understatement it contributes to the luxurious overall picture of the yacht. Its ride quality is always low-vibration and quiet, even at top performance. So the feeling of comfort on board can develop unchecked. A MAN engine means relaxation at the press of a button. MAN gives the safety to concentrate fully on what is essential – without any disturbance from the engine room.


Output in kWOutput in HPEngine modelCylindersModelDisplacement in liters
537 730 R6-730 6 in-line 12.8
588 800 R6-800 6 in-line 12.8
662 900 V8-900 8 V 90° 14.6
735 1,000 V8-1000 8 V 90° 16.2
882 1,200 V8-1200 8 V 90° 16.2
1,000 1,360 V12-1360 12 V 90° 21.9
1,029 1,400 V12-1400 12 V 90° 24.2
1,140 1,550 V12-1550 12 V 90° 24.2
1,213 1,650 V12-1650 12 V 90° 24.2
1,324 1,800 V12-1800 12 V 90° 24.2

Definition of the type of operation

Annual hours of operation≤ 1,000
Full-load proportion ≤ 20%
Ø Utilization ≤ 50%
Oil-change interval in hours ≤ 400
Example (Luxury) yachts, sport fishing boats

Wide yacht engine range for EPA Tier 3

Since 2014 MAN offers a wide range of yacht engines for compliance with the EPA Tier 3 emission standard for the USA. With the low-emission MAN engines, ship builders and owners continue to meet the statutory requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency. This is even achieved without any increase in fuel consumption under full load relative to the less stringent EPA Tier 2 emission standard.

V-engines and in-line six-cylinder engines available

The range of outputs delivered by MAN's efficient EPA Tier 3 compliant yacht engines extends from 537 kW to 1,324 kW (730 HP to 1,800 HP) and includes all latest generation V8 and V12 engines as well as the in-line six-cylinder engine. Specifically, this relates to the following: R6-730, R6-800, V8-1000, V8-1200, V12-1400, V12-1550, V12-1650, V12-1800.
Marine Pleasure MAN V12-1800 width 300 height 225The range of outputs delivered by MAN's efficient EPA Tier 3 compliant yacht engines extends from 537 kW to 1,324 kW (730 HP to 1,800 HP). The picture shows the most powerful MAN engine from the yacht engine range: The MAN V12-1800.

EPA 3 engines retain compact design

Relative to EPA Tier 2, the EPA Tier 3 emission standard that comes into effect on January 1, 2014, calls for a 20 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) to 5.8 g/kWh, and a 40 percent reduction in particulate emissions to 0.12 g/kWh for the range of outputs covered by MAN yacht engines.

Exhaust-gas standard compliance achieved engine internally

MAN yacht engines do not require external exhaust-gas after-treatment systems to comply with the EPA Tier 3 limits. MAN engineers fulfill the more stringent regulations using engine-internal measures alone. Developers fell back neither on exhaust-gas recirculation nor on exhaust-gas aftertreatment.
Marine Pleasure MAN R6-730 width 300 height 225Also the MAN in-line six-cylinder yacht engines - in this case R6-730 - are available compliant with the EPA Tier 3 exhaust-gas standard.

Fuel consumption remains impressive

Fuel consumptions at rated power have remained constant over the predecessor engines. The efficient MAN engines for yachts and pleasure craft thus continue to be outstanding for their economical consumption and compact installation space, giving architects and boat builders great design leeways.
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