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Volvo Penta is the Volvo Group’s marine specialist and acts as an independent supplier, supporting customers from the design stage to installation and aftermarket service. Innovation and technical leadership are some of the hallmarks of the company, as recently demonstrated by the introduction of the leading pod system for planning hulls.

Volvo Penta IPS

A proven success
Volvo Penta IPS is the modern inboard system for planing workboats, superior to inboard shafts in every vital aspect – handling, onboard comfort and performance. Those benefits have made Volvo Penta IPS the by far most popular pod system for planing boats.

Features for intuitive driving
Joystick Docking is perhaps the most well-known feature of Volvo Penta IPS, making it possible to dock and maneuver in a completely intuitive way. Dynamic Positioning System is also available, very useful in many commercial applications. The Volvo Penta controls bring integrated buttons for Low-speed mode, Single- lever mode and Cruise control, making it even easier to drive a boat with Volvo Penta IPS.

Up to 30 meters
With the new and type-approved IPS1050, the unique benefits of forward-facing and contra-rotating propellers are available for fast work boats, patrol boats and passenger ferries up to 30 meters and 45 knots.

  • The benefits are:
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • 30% less CO2 emissions
  • 40% longer operating range
  • 50% lower perceived noise and vibration level
  • 20% higher top speed
  • Joystick Docking
  • Type approved

Compared with inboard shafts, planing hull at service speed, approximate figures. 30% reduction in fuel consumption gives around 40% longer operating range.



The Volvo Penta line-up of diesel sterndrive packages is second to none. The common rail diesel engines are marine diesels, developed and produced by Volvo Penta exclusively for marine applications. The DPH Duoprop drive is the most robust and reliable sterndrive available anywhere. It is built to handle the torque and power of the engines and delivers outstanding efficiency at all speeds. Providing safe driving and maneuvering, even in rough sea conditions.

Smart features
There are plenty of features that add to performance and handling. Most of them are now integrated in the controls, providing a new level of simplicity at the helm. Here are some highlights.
Powertrim Assistant automatically gives you the best possible drive trim. The result is a perfect running attitude for optimum performance and low fuel consumption.

Joystick Docking is an amazing feature for sterndrive twin-installations. It lets you move in new ways, by just pointing the joystick in the direction you want to go. Docking and maneuvering has never been more intuitive.

The 7" color display gives you perfect overview, with a full color interface and intuitive menus.

Single-lever mode lets you control all engines with one lever. Easy and precise even in rough seas.

Cruise control is a new feature that provides fingertip control of engine rpm, letting you optimize fuel economy.


The Volvo Penta range today offers combinations of high power, low weight , low fuel consumption and emissions that only a few years ago were inconceivable.

With a Volvo Penta diesel inboard, you get all the features for an excellent cruising life.

More performance – less CO2
The D-series engines offer a unique marine torque, leading to rapid acceleration as well as efficient cruising speed. By combining clean engines with intelligent accessories for eco-driving, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are kept at a very low level.
Robust control center
The new series of controls is your complete command center. Ergonomical and easy to use, designed for smooth driving. Everything is easy to reach, without letting go of the control.

Features for easy boating
The EVC platform (Electronic Vessel Control), lets you add intelligent features to your inboard engine. This year we launch two new; Cruise control and Single lever mode. Both are integrated in the new controls, where you also find the much appreciated Low-speed mode.



With expertise in marine power engineering, a broad range of reliable marine diesel engines and collaboration with leading component manufacturers, Volvo Penta offers complete and cost-efficient onboard power solutions.

Our Auxiliary engines are famous for their technical qualities and superior reliability standards.

Volvo Penta provide Auxiliary engines to builders of:
GenSets, Pumps, Cranes, Hydraulic power packs, Air compressors, High pressure water systems, Fire fighting equipment, Nitrogen pumps, Dry bulk handling, Surface preparation, Recoating, Rust Removal etc.



Protect your investment! Preventive maintenance with Genuine Volvo Penta Parts are the key factors to ensure the quality of your engine. 

Your local Golden Arrow can tailor a service agreement to your requirements.

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