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In our Easy Boating concept we have captured what most boating people feel is the very essence of their pursuit: boating should be easy, safe and enjoyable.

Volvo Penta IPS – the leading pod system

Volvo Penta IPS is the modern inboard system, superior to inboard shafts in every vital aspect – handling, onboard comfort and performance. Those benefits have made Volvo Penta IPS the by far most popular pod system for leisure boats.

Features for easy boating
The joystick is perhaps the most well-known feature of Volvo Penta IPS, making it possible to dock in a new and completely intuitive way. Since its release it has been accompanied by many other smart features, such as Dynamic Positioning System and Sportfish mode. The latest generation of Volvo Penta controls has integrated buttons for Low-speed mode, Single-lever mode and Cruise control, making it even easier to enjoy boating with Volvo Penta IPS.

Up to 100 feet
The range consists of ten models, from IPS350 to IPS1200, matched to three different pod sizes and available for twin, triple and quadruple installations. This makes Volvo Penta IPS suitable for yachts from 30 to 100 feet.

Now also for semi-planing craft Joystick docking, minimal noise and vibrations, virtually no smoke or smell. These highly appreciated benefits are now also available for trawlers and other semi-planing craft.

The benefits of Volvo Penta IPS
The unique design of Volvo Penta IPS makes a huge difference when it comes to performance, emissions and onboard comfort:

  • 30% reduced fuel consumption
  • 30% less CO2 emissions 
  • 50% lower percieved noise level
  • 40% longer cruising range
  • 20% higher top-speed
  • Safe and predictable handling
  • Joystick docking

Compared with inboard shafts at cruising with planing hulls, approximate figures.

Aquamatic - the world's leading sterndrive

In its own unique way, the Aquamatic sterndrive offers a total solution for boaters who want an optimal combination of performance, driving experience and comfort in 20–45 foot boats.

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Sporty performance
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Excellent low-speed manoeuvrability
  • Beach and shallow-water tilt
  • Joystick
  • Powertrim Assistant


Volvo Penta diesel inboard

With a Volvo Penta diesel inboard, you get all the features for an excellent cruising life.

More performance – less CO2
The D-series engines offer a unique marine torque, leading to rapid acceleration as well as efficient cruising speed. By combining clean engines with intelligent accessories for eco-driving, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are kept at a very low level.

Robust control center
The new series of controls is your complete command center. Ergonomical and easy to use, designed for smooth driving. Everything is easy to reach, without letting go of the control.

Features for easy boating
The EVC platform (Electronic Vessel Control), lets you add intelligent features to your inboard engine. Low-speed Mode, Single-lever Mode and the cruise control can all be integrated in the standard controls.

From 12 to 900 hp
From the compact D1 to the massively powerful D13. Volvo Penta’s inboard range consists of eight different engine sizes with various power levels, making sure you always can find one that’s perfectly matched to your boat.

Powered by the wind and Volvo Penta

Low rpm – high comfort
Volvo Penta D-series engines are rated at low rpm, which means only 1,800–2,300 rpm at cruising speed. This results in minimal vibrations and low noise levels – which are further reduced with the Saildrive.

Torque for sailboats
The D-series engines deliver high torque also at low rpm. That means plenty of power and quick response to all commands. It also provides power to drive the most powerful alternators in the industry.

Efficient charging
Today’s sailboats depend on electricity. All D-series engines are as standard equipped with high-capacity charging. The 115 A alternator has a built-in charging sensor that gives correct battery charging voltage. The D3 has a 180 A alternator. All models can have an extra, engine-mounted, alternator.

Reliable starts – simple stops
With automatic pre-heating and the relay-activated starter solenoid, starts are reliable and fast. Electric stop is standard on all D-series engines.


As an owner of a Volvo Penta leisure engine, you can enjoy our improved warranty for both engine and transmission. From model year 2014, we extend our warranty commitment to 2+3 years or operation hours whichever occurs first. For the first 2 years*, the warranty covers the complete engine package and for the following 3 years*, major components. Accessories bought simultaneously with engines will also benefit from an extended warranty period.

This extended warranty clearly displays the confidence you can anticipate experiencing in the quality of our products.

Some facts about the new warranty
• During the first two years of usage*, the new Volvo Penta International Limited Warranty offers repair or replacement of defective parts of the whole product.
• As is customary in the business, the warranty has an operation-hour limit depending on the engine and transmission used. The time limit, however, is generous, bearing in mind that the limited warranty is for leisure use only.
• The additional warranty of up to 3 years for major components* takes effect when the initial warranty period has expired. This provides additional protection for you, the boat owner.
• An extra feature is that accessories that are regarded as part of the engine package will receive up to two years warranty protection.

* The warranty covers years or operation hours whichever occurs first (for detailed information about operation hours per engine please read more in the Marine Leisure Warranty Information International or Warranty Information North America under related links.

Yacht series support


As an owner of a yacht powered by a Volvo Penta IPS 500-600 (in triple or quadruple installations) or an IPS 800–1200 (in twin, triple or quadruple installations), you are eligible for the Volvo Penta Yacht Series Support. There is no charge for this priority service program.

Service that matches your yacht
You have chosen Volvo Penta IPS, the most efficient and user-friendly drive system available. We believe that you should also have world-class, around-the-clock service and support program to help you get the most from your precious days on the water.

How it works
Yacht Series Support is available 24/7 through a direct phone line. Operators who are specially trained to assist Volvo Penta IPS customers will take your call. These operators have access to your yacht’s technical details and will help locate the closest Volvo Penta-trained technician to address the service needs of your Volvo Penta product. Coverage is specific to the yacht; anyone can call for Yacht Series Support on your behalf, provided your yacht is registered and the caller is ready with your unique PIN code (activated at registration).

Yacht Series Support is available to you throughout the coverage period of your Volvo Penta Limited Warranty. Even if a service need is not covered by the Volvo Penta Limited Warranty, Yacht Series Support can help locate qualified technicians to provide you with retail service.

One contact
While an issue is open, Yacht Series Support maintains supervision and keeps you or your designee updated with the progress. Yacht Series Support is your one and only contact.
Yacht Series Support is available only for leisure applications and leisure usage. Yacht Series Support is not available to vessels used in revenue-generating activities.

Yachts must be registered
To take advantage of this no-cost, concierge-like service, both the yacht and the owner need to be registered with the Yacht Series Support program. If you did not get a chance to register at the time of delivery, please complete the registration form.

Please read though the Terms and Conditions of the service. When your account is created you will receive confirmation both by e-mail and regular mail. Your mailed confirmation will also include two Yacht Series Support cards with all the information you need to contact the Yacht Series Support Center and take advantage of the service.
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