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Perkins brings a pedigree of more than 80 years of specialist diesel engine knowledge and marine engine application skills to provide a range of engines to meet all challenges. Combined with Golden Arrow Marine's relationship as a Perkins dealer since 1964 we can provide products to suite your needs now and in the future. Thelatest range of Perkins Marine engines feature common rail injection and full electronic diesel management meeting latest fuel emission regulations whilst remaining true to Perkins philosophy of large capacity lower revving engines.

Low fuel consumption, extended service intervals and low prices replacements parts contribute to low whole life cost of ownership for Perkins Marine engines. Add to this a network of over 4000 dealers worldwide and you have unrivalled product support and peace of mind ownership.

Today's Perkins Marine models are uncompromised in design, they offer:

  • compactness to fit into restricted engine spaces
  • low noise levels and emissions
  • Exceptionally low running costs
  • Impressive pedigree of reliability
  • Engines tailored to meet individual customer requirements
  • Uncompromised performance, sustained power and torque at low rpm
  • Designed to operate in demanding conditions from Arctic ice pack to tropics
  • Latest diesel engine technology, electronic common rail fuel injection.


  • M92B - 4cyl - 85.5hp @ 2500rpm - Pleasure / Light Commercial
  • M130C - 6cyl - 135hp @ 2600rpm - Light Commercial
  • M185C - 6cyl - 196hp @ 2100rpm - Light Commercial
  • M215C - 6cyl - 215hp @ 2500rpm - Light Commercial
  • M225Ti - 6cyl - 225hp @ 2500rpm - Pleasure

New common rail engines

  • M250C - 6cyl - 250hp @ 2400rpm - Medium Duty
  • M300C - 6cyl - 300hp @ 2400rpm - Light Duty


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