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It’s Time to Winterise!

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable 2018 of boating. What a fantastic summer it was! But it’s now time to think about winter servicing and winterisation.

Winter service is essential to the long term health of a marine engine no matter what size or type or how much use it has had. During use the oil absorbs contaminants and condensation from the combustion process and the harsh environment in which it operates. An oil and filter change is the minimum service you should be considering and the best time to do this is before the winter layup. Leaving contaminated oil in the engine over the winter will lead to greater wear and tear and reduced engine life. Combining an end of season service with winterisation is the best care you can give your engine to maintain reliability and the value of your investment.

Arranging your winter service and winterisation now takes away the worry and sleepless nights when the weather forecasters predict a sudden cold snap. If you also book your re-commissioning at the same time you can be sure your boat is up and running when you want it at the start on next season.

Complete the attached Winter Layup & Service form and return it to your nearest Golden Arrow Marine branch to get a quote and confirm your booking.

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Winter Tricks and Tips from Golden Arrow Marine:

  • Ensure a service is completed in the autumn, at the same time as the engine is winterised.
  • To stop condensation in fuel tanks they should be full.
  • Fuel should be treated with a stabiliser to keep it fresh and prevent corrosion.
  • Prevent batteries from freezing or degenerating by keeping them charged.
  • Remove soft furnishings wherever possible to prevent damp and mould.
  • Ensure your boat is covered.
  • A clean and polish will help to protect your boat. Mould and moss have less to cling to if the boat is clean and the crevices are free of dust and dirt.

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