A vibration-dampening floor helps smooth out the roughest rides, and a deep-V hull design ensures maximum stability.
Manufacturer Honda Marine
  • Length (m - fi)
  • Width (m - fi)
  • Weight (kg - lbs)
  • Max Passengers
    5 ADULTS
  • Recommended engine size Hp
    UP TO 25HP
  • Light and fast, the revolutionary air V-floor inflatable gives rib-like performance that smooths out even the choppiest waters. The T38-IE features a unique ‘shark skin’ hull material to slice through the water with less friction and drag, making it quick to get onto the plane and providing sportslike handling on the straights and in turns. The Air V hull is designed for maximum stability at virtually any speed, while rear inflated trim pads provide effortless directional agility and additional buoyancy for handling a larger engine.

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