Maintenance Services

Just like cars, boats need regular maintenance to run smoothly and safely. With proper care, maintenance and upkeep, you can expect your vessel to last a long time and provide many memories, whether you go boating for leisure, work purposes or both.  There are many aspects of boat maintenance that can be completed by owners but as you would a car the larger tasks and annual servicing is much better completed by our professional factory trained engineers.

We are servicing experts for the following:

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A winter service is essential to the long term health of a marine engine no matter what size or type or how much use it has had. During use the oil absorbs contaminants and condensation from the combustion process and the harsh environment in which it operates. An oil and filter change is the minimum service you should be considering and the best time to do this is before the winter layup. Leaving contaminated oil in the engine over the winter will lead to greater wear and tear and reduced engine life. Combining an end of season engine service with fuel tank top ups, battery checks, anti fouling, plumbing and electrical works is the best care you can give your boat to maintain reliability and the value of your investment.

Spring re-commissioning


It’s recommended you book your re-commissioning at the same time as your winterisation so you can be sure your boat is up and running when you want it at the start on next season.

Maintenance & Repairs

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Maintenance & Repairs

Properly maintaining your engine with genuine parts can make it more efficient, last longer, and even help its resale value. With four branches along the UK’s South Coast we offer an unrivalled service encompassing:

  • Inboard and Outboard engine service
  • Full overhaul to factory specification
  • Repower and installations
  • Mobile engineers or in branch
  • Product warranty support
  • Refit and special project management
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Gearbox and transmission specialists
  • Commissioning and installation inspections
  • Technical support and advice
  • Service and installation for Sea-Fire
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Diagnostic and fault finding

All our engineers are qualified and manufacturer trained to ensure we provide expert service. They are equipped with specialist diagnostic tooling for the very latest range of electronic managed diesel engines.

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Our Southampton Branch has Dynamometer testing capabilities up to 2,000 horse power

A dynamometer, also known as a ‘dyno’, is a device that measures force, torque or power.  We’re able to use our Dynamometer to test the engine performance for comparison to the manufacture’s specifications.  The device is used to test engines that have been removed from your boat or commercial vessel so we can determine when an engine is overheating or identifying intermittent performance or senser issues.  Ultimately it can save time and complications at point of re-installation and we’re one of the few marine engineering companies in the south of England that holds this piece of equipment.

Worldwide support

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Specialist Shippers

We work closely with our specialist export shipping agents to ensure all export consignments of spares parts, engines and equipment is correctly packaged and the paperwork is in order. This ensures wherever possible we eliminate delays at customs ensuring our customers receive their consignment undamaged and as quickly as possible.

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Engineering WORLDWIDE Support

Our expert engineering services are also available for export. Our manufacturer trained engineers are available for worldwide diagnostic, service and repair of all the products we represent. Using genuine manufacturer spare parts and the latest diagnostic equipment our highly skilled engineers travel the world repairing marine engines and equipment.

The World Market

We consider the World to be our market place and treat all enquiries for export of parts, engines, equipment and service in the same way as we do a local UK enquiry. Our customers can be confident in the knowledge that our expert staff are here to serve them with their export enquiry.

Global Protection 24/7

Wherever, Whenever.

As your first line of contact, our global dealer network is backed by Volvo Penta Action Service, our phone-based breakdown and support service, providing 24-hour assistance every day of the year.

uk - 0800 783 555518

worldwide - +32 969 6977