Boat Propeller: Repairs and Replacements

Choosing the wrong boat propeller or using a damaged propeller can cause poor boat performance, increased fuel consumption and may damage your engine and transmission.

In this article, we look at some common faults and how they can be rectified.

Is your boat propeller damaged?

Its always heart-wrenching when your boat propeller hits something hard like a rock, log or sandbar. A prop with bent or chipped blade(s) should be repaired or replaced as it will severely affect performance and risks damage to your engine.

Is your propeller corroded?

A metal propeller soaking in saltwater can suffer a form of corrosion.

Critical areas will now be brittle and will eventually crack and fail. The only option is to replace the propeller. Carefully check other underwater equipment such as shafts, struts, rudders, and sterndrives and get to the root of the problem.

You can protect the metals under your hull by providing a sacrificial anode. As most boats have a variety of metals, each with its own voltage and many of them under the waterline, you should contact us for advice.

Make sure you:

  1. Regularly inspect your propeller.
  2. Have your prop repaired or replaced if it’s damaged or bent.
  3. Replace your propeller if corroded and ensure sacrificial anodes are in place.
  4. The propeller hub between the propeller and propeller shaft can also get damaged.  If damaged it should be replaced.
  5. Always carry a spare propeller on-board.
  6. When in doubt, call Golden Arrow Marine for assistance.

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Is your boat slow to plane?

If your propeller has too much pitch your boat won’t be able to come onto plane quickly. Because your engine is working harder engine damage may follow so it is important to have it correctly adjusted.

Does your boat over-rev?

If your boat seems slow and is over-revving, your prop may have too little pitch which can also increase wear and tear on your engine. Ensure you have it is adjusted correctly.

The optimum pitch will also depend on where and how you use your boat.

If you suspect your propeller pitch is too low or high, contact us, we can help you with adjustments.

One last note…

Always Carry a Spare

Like a spare tyre—a spare boat propeller can be used in an emergency, for example if your prop is too badly damaged to get you home. We recommend you practice changing your boat prop in a marina or while the boat is on a trailer so you are familiar with the process. Contact us at Golden Arrow Marine if you require any advice on this.
If water water conditions are rough the safest option is to call for a tow.

If you require further advice on boat propellers or anything else on your boat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit one of our three branches along the UK South Coast.

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