Volvo Penta’s Easy Connect app delivers access to engine, boat and route data right to your smart device. Thanks to new Easy Connect App Updates, it is now easier than ever to navigate, keep track of your fuel consumption and engine performance.

Updates to Easy Connect app will enhance your boating experience

A variety of updates have been added to to the Easy Connect app including:

  • Integrated full navigation system
  • Improved dashboard quality
  • Available on more boats than ever before

The Easy Connect app is available for a wide range of Volvo Penta engines from 2003 and later. Easy Connect is available as a free download for iOS on Apple’s App Store, or for Android tablets and smartphones on Google Play. You also need to install the Easy Connect Interface in your boat, which is available through Golden Arrow Marine. When connected, the Interface transmits information to your smart device via Bluetooth®.

Volvo Penta Easy Connect App Updates

New features in the Volvo Penta Easy Connect app:

  • Real navigation
    Navigation charts from Navionics are now available through Easy Connect. Easy Navigation!
  • Trip logging
    It is now possible to search your past trips and look at fuel consumption for specific trips using a filter.
  • More data
    Depending on your engine type, more system and engine data is now accessible through Easy Connect.
  • Works for even more boats
    Easy Connect is now available for larger yachts up to 120 feet with three to four engines.
  • Improved user experience
    Simplified menus, easy access to pairing codes and improved design.
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