Golden Arrow Marine at SeaWork 2024

Golden Arrow Marine at SeaWork 2024

We are delighted to share our experience from this year’s premier commercial marine and workboat exhibition, SeaWork 2024, which took place from June 18-20 at the Mayflower Park venue in Southampton, UK.

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Our Stand

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at SeaWork 2024. It was an exciting event where we had the opportunity to showcase a range of innovative products from some of the most renowned names in the marine industry. Our experts demonstrated the latest advancements and answered many insightful questions from attendees.

Showcasing the Latest in Marine Technology

Volvo Penta

We showcased the newest engines and propulsion systems from Volvo Penta, a leader in power solutions for marine and industrial applications. Attendees saw first hand the superior performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability that Volvo Penta offers, suitable for both small boats and large commercial vessels.


We explored the future of electric propulsion with Torqeedo. Known for their high-efficiency electric and hybrid drives, Torqeedo’s products proved to be ideal for environmentally conscious marine operations. Many discovered how their innovative solutions can reduce carbon footprints without compromising power and performance.


Waterworld’s advanced electric motors were on display, offering sustainable alternatives for marine propulsion. Our demonstrations highlighted their quiet, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions, perfect for a variety of marine applications from leisure boats to commercial workboats.


Visitors experienced how Humphree’s cutting-edge stabilization and trim systems enhance vessel performance. Their interceptors and stabilizers demonstrated improvements in fuel efficiency, speed, and comfort, providing a smoother and more controlled ride in all sea conditions.

ZF Marine

ZF Marine’s comprehensive range of marine propulsion systems, including transmissions, control systems, and thrusters, were a highlight at our stand. Their innovative technologies are designed to maximize vessel performance and reliability, making them a top choice for commercial and recreational vessels alike.

Special Feature: Search and Rescue PWC for the Police Force

One of the major highlights was our customised ‘Search and Rescue’ Personal Watercraft (PWC) designed specifically for the Police Force. This state-of-the-art PWC is equipped with the latest technology to aid in rapid response and rescue operations. Key features include:

  • Enhanced Manoeuvrability: Engineered for superior handling and agility in various water conditions.
  • Advanced Navigation Systems: Integrated GPS and communication systems for precise location tracking and coordination.
  • Rescue Equipment: Equipped with essential rescue gear, including life-saving flotation devices and a robust tow system.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the rigorous demands of search and rescue missions, ensuring dependable performance when it matters most.

Connect with Us

Thank you to everyone who joined us at SeaWork 2024! We appreciated the opportunity to showcase these incredible products and to connect with so many marine industry professionals. If you have any further questions or need support, please reach out to us.

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