Our Brands

ABT TRAC are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability in enhancing yacht performance and comfort. Specialising in stabilisers, bow and stern thrusters, and integrated hydraulic systems, ABT TRAC products are designed to ensure smooth and stable cruising experiences. Their advanced stabilisers significantly reduce roll motion, providing a safer and more enjoyable journey. The powerful thrusters offer precise manoeuvrability, making docking and tight navigation effortless. ABT TRAC’s hydraulic systems integrate seamlessly with other onboard equipment, optimising performance and efficiency. Trusted by yacht builders and owners worldwide, ABT TRAC continues to set the standard for marine innovation and excellence.

Castoldi marine products are synonymous with innovation and excellence in the marine industry, particularly known for their advanced jet drives. These jet drives are designed to offer superior performance, manoeuvrability, and safety, making them a preferred choice for a variety of marine vessels. Castoldi jet drives feature a unique design that reduces draft, enabling exceptional shallow water capabilities while maintaining high efficiency and speed. Their robust construction and cutting-edge technology ensure reliability and durability in demanding conditions. With precise control and ease of handling, even at low speeds, Castoldi jet drives simplify docking and navigation, delivering a premium boating experience.

Honda Marine are celebrated for their innovation, reliability, and performance. Renowned for their advanced outboard engines, Honda Marine offers a range of engines that provide exceptional power, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Honda outboards are designed with cutting-edge technology, such as BLAST for instant acceleration and ECOmo for optimal fuel economy. Their engines are durable, quiet, and smooth, ensuring a pleasant boating experience. Additionally, Honda Marine products are known for their ease of maintenance and long-term reliability, making them a top choice for recreational boaters and professionals alike. Trust Honda Marine for a superior and dependable maritime adventure.

Humphree marine products are renowned for enhancing vessel performance and comfort through advanced stabilisation and control solutions. Specialising in interceptors and fins, Humphree systems improve stability, fuel efficiency, and onboard comfort. Their state-of-the-art interceptors offer rapid adjustment to changing sea conditions, reducing pitch and roll for a smoother ride. Humphree’s Active Ride Control and Automatic Trim systems optimize vessel trim and reduce drag, resulting in significant fuel savings. Easy to install and integrate, these systems are favoured by yacht owners and commercial operators for their reliability and effectiveness. Trust Humphree marine products to deliver superior stability and performance on the water

Kohler marine generator products are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and robust performance in the marine industry. Designed to deliver consistent power, Kohler marine generators ensure that onboard systems operate smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the conditions at sea. Their advanced technology offers quiet operation, reduced emissions, and exceptional fuel efficiency. Kohler generators are engineered for durability, featuring corrosion-resistant materials and a compact design that fits various vessel sizes. With easy-to-use controls and comprehensive support, Kohler marine generators provide peace of mind to boat owners, ensuring uninterrupted power for all onboard needs. Trust Kohler for dependable marine power solutions for both your leisure and commercial requirements.

MAN are esteemed for their superior engineering, performance, and reliability. Specialising in high-performance marine diesel engines, MAN offers a range of power solutions for yachts, commercial vessels, and workboats. These engines are known for their efficiency, durability, and low emissions, meeting stringent environmental standards. MAN engines deliver robust power and torque, ensuring optimal performance and fuel economy even under demanding conditions. Additionally, MAN provides comprehensive support and maintenance services, ensuring long-term reliability and peak performance. With a reputation for excellence, MAN are trusted by marine professionals and enthusiasts worldwide for their unmatched quality and innovation.

Torqeedo electric outboard products are revolutionising the boating industry with their eco-friendly and high-performance solutions. Known for their advanced technology, Torqeedo outboards offer exceptional efficiency, power, and quiet operation. These electric motors are designed for a wide range of vessels, providing clean and sustainable propulsion without compromising on performance. Features such as integrated GPS, real-time range and runtime calculations, and solar charging options set Torqeedo apart. Their lightweight and compact designs make installation and handling easy. With a strong commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, Torqeedo electric outboard products are the top choice for modern, eco-conscious boaters.

Maxwell are renowned for their superior quality and reliability in anchoring solutions. Specializing in windlasses and anchoring systems, Maxwell provides robust, efficient, and durable products designed for both recreational and commercial vessels. Their windlasses feature advanced technology for smooth and powerful operation, ensuring easy anchor deployment and retrieval. Maxwell’s anchoring systems are engineered for strength and durability, offering secure anchoring in various sea conditions. With user-friendly controls and comprehensive support, Maxwell products enhance safety and convenience on the water. Trusted worldwide, Maxwell marine products deliver exceptional performance, making them a top choice for discerning boat owners and operators.

Northern Lights generators are highly esteemed for their durability, reliability, and superior performance in marine applications. Specializing in marine diesel generators, Northern Lights offers power solutions that ensure uninterrupted electricity for all onboard systems. These generators are known for their quiet operation, fuel efficiency, and compact design, making them ideal for a wide range of vessels. Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, Northern Lights generators provide dependable power in even the most demanding marine environments. With excellent customer support and a global service network, Northern Lights ensures long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for boat owners and operators.


Perkins marine are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and performance in the maritime industry. With a legacy of over 85 years, Perkins specialises in producing robust diesel engines tailored for marine applications. These engines are engineered to deliver exceptional power, durability, and fuel efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in various marine environments. Perkins engines are known for their compact design, low emissions, and easy maintenance, making them a preferred choice for boat builders and operators worldwide. Backed by a global service network and comprehensive support, Perkins marine engine products provide dependable propulsion for commercial vessels, yachts, and workboats.

PRM Newage are synonymous with durability, efficiency, and precision in marine propulsion systems. Specialising in marine transmissions, PRM Newage offers a comprehensive range of gearboxes designed to meet the demanding requirements of marine applications. These transmissions are engineered with advanced technology to deliver smooth and reliable power transfer, ensuring optimal performance and manoeuvrability for vessels of all sizes. PRM Newage products are known for their robust construction, compact design, and ease of installation, making them a preferred choice for boat builders and operators worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, PRM Newage are at the forefront of excellence in the marine industry

With a focus on reliability and safety, SeaFire products provide peace of mind to yacht owners and operators, ensuring a secure environment amid evolving marine technologies.  SeaFire products are gaining increasing importance in light of the growing adoption of lithium batteries on yachts. Specialising in fire suppression systems, SeaFire offers cutting-edge solutions to mitigate the risks associated with lithium battery installations. As lithium batteries become more prevalent due to their high energy density and lighter weight, the need for effective fire protection becomes paramount. SeaFire’s innovative systems are designed to quickly detect and suppress fires, safeguarding vessels and their occupants. These systems can be used in both leisure and commercial marine vessels

Stt Emtec represent a pinnacle of innovation and reliability in the marine industry. Specializing in advanced steering and propulsion solutions, Stt Emtec offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern vessels. From electric and hydraulic steering systems to azimuth thrusters and propulsion control systems, their cutting-edge technologies ensure optimal performance, manoeuvrability, and efficiency on the water. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Stt Emtec products are trusted by boat builders, naval architects, and operators worldwide. Experience the future of marine technology with Stt Emtec’s industry-leading solutions.

Volvo Penta are synonymous with excellence, innovation, and reliability in the maritime industry. Specializing in propulsion systems, Volvo Penta offers a comprehensive range of engines, drives, and controls that set the standard for performance and efficiency on the water. From powerful diesel engines to versatile gasoline options, their advanced technologies deliver superior power, fuel efficiency, and low emissions. Volvo Penta’s integrated systems provide seamless operation and precise control, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable boating experience. With a global service network and commitment to sustainability, Volvo Penta remains the trusted choice for boat builders, owners, and operators worldwide.

Waterworld electric inboard marine engines herald a new era of eco-friendly propulsion for marine enthusiasts. These cutting-edge engines offer silent, emissions-free power, providing a serene and sustainable boating experience. Designed for reliability and efficiency, Waterworld electric inboards deliver impressive torque and performance, rivalling traditional combustion engines. With minimal maintenance requirements and a reduced environmental footprint, they represent a forward-thinking solution for modern boaters. From leisure crafts to commercial vessels, Waterworld electric inboards offer versatility and reliability, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a greener alternative without compromising on performance or power.

Yamaha outboard engines and inflatable tenders combine reliability, performance, and versatility for unforgettable adventures on the water. Yamaha’s outboard engines are renowned for their powerful yet fuel-efficient performance, offering smooth and quiet operation across a range of horsepower options. Whether for leisure cruising or fishing expeditions, Yamaha engines deliver reliable power and precise control. Paired with Yamaha’s inflatable tenders, these vessels provide lightweight, portable solutions for exploring hidden coves or accessing remote locations. With durable construction and innovative features, Yamaha are trusted for their quality and dependability, ensuring memorable experiences on the water.

Yanmar inboard marine engines epitomise reliability, efficiency, and performance in the maritime industry. With a legacy of engineering excellence spanning over a century, Yanmar engines are trusted by boat builders, operators, and enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for their durability and fuel efficiency, Yanmar inboards deliver robust power and smooth operation, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of marine applications. Whether for leisure cruising, commercial fishing, or offshore exploration, Yanmar engines provide unmatched reliability and longevity. With innovative features and advanced technology, Yanmar continues to set the standard for inboard marine propulsion, empowering boaters to navigate with confidence and peace of mind.

ZF Marine Technology represents a pinnacle of innovation and reliability in the maritime industry. Specialising in marine propulsion and control systems, ZF offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern vessels. From advanced transmissions and thrusters to control systems and automation, their cutting-edge technologies ensure optimal performance, manoeuvrability, and efficiency on the water. With a focus on durability, precision, and environmental sustainability, ZF Marine Technology products are trusted by boat builders, naval architects, and operators worldwide. Experience the future of marine propulsion and control systems with ZF, where excellence meets innovation on every voyage.