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ABT-TRAC: Thruster

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TRAC thrusters are available in seven sizes, from 8 (16hp) inches up to 28 inches (200hp). The 8 through 12-inch thrusters are also available in a DC version and all ABT•TRAC thrusters are available in AC versions.



Power (HP)

Tunnel dia (inch)

TRAC Bow and Stern Thrusters

TRAC Hydraulic Thrusters deliver more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster available. ABT-TRAC's twin counter-rotating propellers are more efficient and can reach higher horsepower than single prop hydraulic thrusters.

Thruster control is available in single or proportional speed. Proportional thruster control enables precise manoeuvring control. Multiple thruster control stations can be installed providing the skipper with finger tip control through out the vessel.

ABT-TRAC hydraulic thrusters are installed as standard equipment by more of the world's top yacht builders than any other brand. For exceptional performance, highest quality, and unmatched support, choose ABT-TRAC

Heavy Duty

TRAC hydraulic thrusters are built for heavy-duty service. Gears and bearings are intentionally over sized. TRAC propeller hubs shroud the gearbox to protect the prop shaft. A rotating seal guard provides absolute protection of the shaft seals. TRAC thrusters do not use a drive shear pin, such is their strength, they deliver exception reliability even in the harshest marine commercial applications.

Hydraulic Power

TRAC thrusters are hydraulically actuated using high efficiency piston motors providing reliable long term operation even in commercial applications. TRAC's hydraulic power pack and central hydraulic system can be used to power other onboard equipment such as stabilisers, windlasses and deck gear.