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Castoldi TurboDrive 240HC

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Turbodrive 240HC

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The Castoldi TurboDrive 240HC is a compact waterjet drive suitable for engine power up to 309kW, depending on hull form and application. It is the smallest waterjet in the range available with hydraulic clutch.

The Castoldi company are unanimously considered to be the innovator of the waterjet propulsion system. Castoldi pioneered the development of its revolutionary system in the early 1960s using facilities which at the time were sophisticated and included measuring dynamic thrust to determine the best impeller geometry in terms of efficiency and cavitation margin. Castoldi continue to develop and improve on their design ensuring they remain at the forefront of waterjet drive performance and efficiency.

The integrated heavy duty gearbox, with multi-disc clutch, has a wide range of transmission ratio options to ensure optimum match to engine power and hull form, depending on model between 17 and 25 gear ratios are available. It provides multiple advantages:
- Very fine RPM matching to absorb full engine power
- The use of a single unique stainless steel cast impeller, designed for best geometry without constraints of having to modify it for engine power.
- Integrated hydraulics and oil cooler
- Reverse gear for back flush

The Castoldi waterjet drive is very light due to the aluminium alloy construction of its principle parts. The unique integrated gearbox further reduce the propulsion package weight and size as no marine transmission is required.

The Castoldi waterjet delivers high efficiency at medium to high speeds (25 to 60 knots) due to the following:
- The axial flow impeller have been designed to achieve the highest efficiency at the best resistance to cavitation.
- The lowering of the impeller shaft, made possible by the integrated gearbox, allows the design of a flat, straight duct enabling the water stream to flow smoothly with minimum hydrodynamic losses at high speed.
Castoldi waterjet performance is proven in may international race wins from 1970 to the present day.

The whole unit is protected by hard anodising treatment, plating all light alloy components with 60 microns of ceramic aluminium oxide and three layers of special paint and cathodic protection by sacrificial anodes.

Castoldi supply all control systems for its waterjet drives from manual/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic to fully electronic including multiple engine multi station joystick control, electronic steering and digital display screen.

Impeller diameter: 238mm
Maximum engine power: 309kW (420hp)
Dry weight: 130kg
Impeller housing: Stainless steel titanium
Debris grid: Mechanically operated
Integrated gearbox ratio options: 18
Clutch: Multiplate hydraulic