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Humphree Interceptor: HL-Series

Call for Price

Humphree systems provide unmatched onboard comfort for the world of leisure yachting. It provides features no other system can match in terms of ACTIVE stabilization, performance and reliability over time. This system lowers roll and slamming by up to 50%. And it feels like even more. Your family boat ride will be a whole new experience.  Interceptors make the difference between enjoyment and seasickness; between low and high fuel consumption and between bad and excellent visibility at the helm.



The HL-Series are designed and built for the large and heavy planing vessels.

With a mechanical high performing structure the HLS-interceptors blade has a powerful 110mm stroke length.

The HLS interceptor is available from 800mm to 1500mm width.

  • Available size: 800mm – 1500mm
  • Stroke length: 110mm
  • Servo unit: SU530
  • Mounting plates: Integrated in interceptor structure
  • Transom thickness: 8-32mm (steel, aluminium)

Configured To Your Needs
Humphree Interceptor systems can be configured to provide Auto trim function, Auto List control, Coordinated turn, Active control (combined auto list & auto list) and Active+ (combined auto trim, auto list and coordinated turn). Multiple station control from the advanced CP502 colour screen control panel.  The Humphree X-series interceptors operate on 12v or 24v DC.

Not An Ordinary Trim Tab
The interceptor system creates a hydrodynamic lift force by intercepting the water flow underneath the hull. In that way the interceptor creates a lift force acting on the hull instead of on the trim device itself. This creates a greater force than a traditional trim tab and is 25% more efficient.

Award Winning
Humphree interceptors are multiple industry award winning for engineering design and performance. Humphree Interceptors are made of composite materials for optimum performance, corrosion resistance and light weight. The Humphree interceptors have superior ability to add lift force to greatly reduce resistance in the water, add speed, improve acceleration and visibility at the helm. Humphree’s interceptors are available in many shapes and sizes. From our standardised X-Series to the heavy duty HLS-Series. Most of the Humphree interceptor models can be custom shaped to fit exactly to the hull.

Patented Design
Humphree's patented design of the Interceptor is a compact and robust unit that has an adjustable blade that goes down vertically into the water. Due to that it doesn’t work against the water pressure that it builds up under the hull, it can be adjusted very fast and with high precision. Its compact design also makes it less vulnerable to impacts.

Free From Hydraulics
Humphree Interceptors are free from hydraulics. Because of this, it doesn’t need to work against the hydrodynamic lift force that it builds up under the hull as it’s operated by a 24 VDC brushless electric motor. With advanced controls, the system operates very fast and with high precision. The Humphree trim system is completely free from hydraulics.

Low Maintenance
The main parts of the Humphree Interceptor is constructed in composite material which means that it is maintenance free for changing zinc anodes, as the material is not affected by salt water. However we recommend to check the system on yearly basis to keep it in trim and to discover any possible damage to the system.

Humphree Interceptor Guide

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