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Northern Lights Marine Generators

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Leisure & Commercial Generator Benefits

  • Common service points, including filters, fills and drains are on a single side. In addition to easy access, this permits the generator set to be installed near a wall or bulkhead, saving valuable space.
  • Engine provides high torque at low RPM.
  • Experienced engineering and high-quality components reduce belts and hoses to a minimum.
  • Single-piece cast iron heat exchanger, expansion tank and exhaust manifold. Resistant to corrosion and electrolysis.
  • Copper-nickel heat exchangers and cast iron manifolds resist corrosion and electrolysis. They empty of seawater when not in use and don’t require zincs
  • Seawater pump is gear driven (no belts) and use mechanical water seals.
  • Simple DC logic design is reliable, inexpensive and simple to repair. Relays are easy to replace when required
  • Integrated base frame and enclosure design creates a quiet, clean, compact package. Allows for double isolation mounts. High-grade stainless steel latches.
  • Auxiliary winding for 300% short circuit protection. This protects the overall generator, and is required by many classification societies.
  • Equipped for the easy installation of shutdown and pre-alarm switches.

Leisure Craft models range from 5 - 760 KW

Commercial Craft models range from 20 - 200 KW