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PRM Newage Hydraulic Gearboxes

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  • PRM150
  • PRM260C
  • PRM280
  • PRM500
  • PRM750
  • PRM750C
  • PRM1000
  • PRM1500
  • PRM1750

Hydraulically operated adjustment free multi disc clutches ensure rapid response to operation of the control lever for good boat handling and manoeuvrability. All models are designed for use with proprietary single lever remote control operating systems.

Gear ratios and performance for all models are identical in either direction making PRM units the ideal choice for twin engine applications. Propellers can be trailed indefinitely when sailing, under low or in multi engine applications when one engine is shut down.

Built for reliability and durability all PRM hydraulic gearboxes feature a manual 'get you home' mechanical lock. This feature allows you to maintain the clutch in the engaged position so that the vessel can be bought safely home in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure.

A safety start switch is available on all hydraulic gearboxes which does not allow engine start up whilst drive is engaged.

Marine Gearbox Nominal Power Ratings

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