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ZF Marine M-Series Gearbox (Mechanical)

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  • ZF12M
  • ZF15M
  • ZF15MA (Down angle)
  • ZF15MIV (Integrated V drive)
  • ZF25M
  • ZF25A (Down angle)
  • ZF30M

Output Type

Parallel, Down Angle, V Drive


The transmissions are made of a robust yet lightweight sea-water resistant aluminium alloy housing. Gear selection is by mechanically selected multi-plate friction clutch providing a smooth and reliable engagement. The output shaft thrust bearings of these transmissions are designed to take maximum propeller thrust ahead and astern. Note that the mechanical M series can only operate at full power in the A rotation position, B rotation position is for astern only, in a twin installation with mechanical M series transmissions it is not possible to run handed propellers.

All the gears are calculated and optimized for minimum noise and maximum strength, case hardened with precisely ground gear teeth for long life and smooth running. There are a number of ratio options for each model ensuring optimum match to engine and vessel. The transmissions are compatible with all types of engines and propulsion systems, including waterjets and surface-piercing propellers. All of ZF Marine’s transmission design, manufacture and quality control standards meet ISO 9001.

Engine Power/RPM calculations together with desired ratio and application are required to select correct gearbox model. Please contact us to ensure correct ZF approved model selection.

Duty Definitions
Pleasure Duty:
• Highly intermittent operation with very large variations in engine speed and power.
• Average engine operating hours limit: 300 hours/year for M series
• Typical hull form: Planing and displacement
• Applications: Private, non-commercial, non-charter, leisure activities, no racing