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ZF Marine Sail Drive (SD) Series

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ZF Sail Drive models are available in three sizes and various ratios to suit engines from 75hp to 154hp (depending on RPM):

  • ZFSD10 up to 75hp @ 3800rpm
  • ZFSD12 up to 92hp @ 3800rpm
  • ZFSD12SSP up 92hp @ 3600rpm
  • ZFSD15 up 154hp @ 3600rpm
  • ZFSD15SSP up to 154hp @ 3600rpm

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ZF Sail Drive (SD) Series

Efficiency and comfort - ZF Sail Drive (SD) offers skippers a highly efficient and comfortable system for motoring while not under sail. ZF Marine has long standing experience with this type of propulsion system for sailboats and its well-recognized advantages of excellent hydrodynamic efficiency, ease of installation and reduced gear noise.

ZF Sail Drive offers boat builders increased design flexibility, allowing the engine to be positioned facing the bow or facing the stern with respect to the transmission. The system considerably reduces vibration and other related propulsion system noise on board, compared to a traditional shaft line system. The most important feature is the ease of installation, as no particular settings or alignments are necessary. ZF Sail Drive is robust and reliable, and can be matched with a large range of fixed or foldable propellers, moving the vessel powerfully both in forward and reverse. The exceptional efficiency of the ZF Sail Drive is obtained both through reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of the immersed section of the drive, and maximizing thrust efficiency, through a design that positions the propeller exactly parallel to the moving direction of the hull of the vessel.

Unparalleled Control

ZF Steerable Pod Propulsion (SPP) is an integrated system developed by ZF Marine that adds unmatched manoeuvring capabilities to the ZF Sail Drive propulsion system. ZF Steerable Pod Propulsion (SPP) is as easy to install and maintain as a standard sail boat propulsion system. The difference with ZF SPP, unparalleled manoeuvrability that results in smooth, quick steering response. The pivoting leg, operated by a robust industrial electric motor with special marine protection, ensures requested thrust in the right direction. Control is carried out via ZF Joystick Manoeuvring System (JMS) which allows for comfortable, easy, intuitive and reliable manoeuvring. The availability of full engine power at your finger tips offers an additional level of security while manoeuvring. ZF SPP comes with latest electronic technology, plug and play components and electric pre-wired parts. The system is continuously monitored and reported via LED lights on the joystick base, and incorporates a “back home” redundancy feature. The system can be supplied with either Zinc or Magnesium anodes for salt or freshwater operation.

Easy and Safer Manoeuvring

ZF Sail Drive with the integrated ZF Steerable Pod Propulsion (SPP) system makes docking your sail boat as easy as parking your car thanks to the ZF Joystick Manoeuvring System. The joystick makes manoeuvres such as docking, mooring, anchoring and navigation through busy waterways intuitive. The system operates with variable speed proportional to knob movements. The boat manufacturer determines the maximum allowable speed according to the characteristics of the boat. ZF Joystick Manoeuvring System, in conjunction with the ZF SPP system truly optimizes the handling performance of your boat. The combination of complete rotation of the submerged leg, together with the bow thruster result in simplified manoeuvring even in the tightest of spaces.