Marine Fire Suppression Technology:

Sea-Fire understand that safety on the water is paramount. That’s why there is a comprehensive range of marine fire suppression systems designed to protect you, your passengers, and your vessel from the dangers of fire. With decades of experience and a reputation for reliability, Sea-Fire and Golden Arrow Marine are your go to partners for advice and services covering this aspect of marine safety.

boaters enjoy the peace of mind only constant protection provides.


Key Products Include:

Pre-Engineered Systems

Our pre-engineered fire suppression systems are specifically designed for smaller vessels, providing automatic and effective fire protection for engine compartments and other high-risk areas. These systems are compact, easy to install, and maintenance-free, ensuring your safety without compromising on space or convenience.

  • FD Series: Ideal for small to mid-sized vessels, these systems use clean agent technology to quickly suppress fires without leaving any residue or causing damage to sensitive equipment.
  • MA Series: Perfect for protecting engine rooms and machinery spaces, the MA Series offers reliable and robust fire suppression capabilities in a compact form.

Engineered Systems

For larger vessels and more complex applications, our engineered systems provide customized fire suppression solutions tailored to your specific needs. These systems are designed to protect large engine rooms, cargo spaces, and other critical areas, ensuring comprehensive fire protection for your entire vessel.

  • FM-200 Systems: Utilizing FM-200, a clean agent known for its rapid extinguishing properties and minimal environmental impact, these systems are ideal for protecting high-value assets and critical infrastructure on board.
  • NOVEC 1230 Systems: Offering superior performance and safety, NOVEC 1230 systems provide fast and effective fire suppression while being environmentally friendly and safe for personnel

Detection and Control

Early detection is crucial in preventing fire-related disasters. Our advanced detection and control systems ensure that fires are detected and suppressed at the earliest possible stage, minimizing damage and risk.

  • Fire Detection Systems: Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and alarms, our detection systems provide continuous monitoring and instant alerts, giving you peace of mind that your vessel is always protected.
  • Control Panels: Our intuitive and user-friendly control panels allow for easy monitoring and management of your fire suppression systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety at all times.

Lithium Battery Solutions

Lithium batteries are at the heart of modern technology, powering everything from smartphones and laptops to electric tenders and marine applications. However, despite their efficiency and convenience, lithium batteries come with inherent risks that demand serious attention. The dangers posed by lithium battery fires are significant and multifaceted.

As the use of lithium batteries continues to grow across all industries, investing in dedicated fire suppression solutions is not just prudent—it’s essential. Golden Arrow Marine along with Sea-Fire can help both leisure and commercial boat users install the correct systems.

AT Series – Fire Suppression Generators

AVD Portable Fire Extinguisher