Torqeedo powers the BBC

The BBC team also used the Torqeedo motors to film jaguars in Brazil, from their boat in the river. This allowed the team to remain with the animals longer as they weren’t disturbed from their natural behaviour by the sounds of the motor. Electric outboards are easy to lift, stow and carry, almost silent in use and extremely cheap to run. With vastly improved battery technology, the cleanliness, reliability and low maintenance ownership experience of a modern electric engine is now highly appealing to a wide range of boat lovers and activities. Offering much more efficiency than the typical petrol outboard, electric outboards challenge the petrol motors’efficiency of around 10%, with in excess of 50% efficiency.

See Torqeedo’s motors in action in the Amazon on the BBC Natural History channel, from November 2016. Torqeedo’s environmentally friendly engines achieve the same power as a petrol outboard without the risk of leaking fuel and emissions.